Selection of recent papers

A full list of papers can be downloaded here

►   Micro-electromechanical affinity sensor for the monitoring of glucose in bioprocess media 
      L. Theuer, M. Lehmann, S. Junne, P. Neubauer, M. Birkholz
      International Journal of Molecular Sciences 18(6) (2017) 1235

►   Continuously operating biosensor and its integration into a hermetically sealed implant
      M. Birkholz, P. Glogener, F. Glös, T. Basmer, L. Theuer
      micromachines 7(10) (2016) 183

►   Technology modules from micro- and nanoelectronics for the life sciences
      M. Birkholz, A. Mai, C. Wenger, C. Meliani, R. Scholz
      WIREs Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology 8 (2016) 355 - 377

►   System integration of a silicone-encapsulated glucose sensor implantat
      M. Birkholz, P. Glogener, T. Basmer, F. Glös, 
      D. Genschow, C. Welsch, R. Ruff, K. P. Hoffmann
      Biomedical Technology 59 (2014) S1089 - S1092

►   Modeling the Shape of Ions in Pyrite-Type Crystals
      M. Birkholz
      crystals 4 (2014) 390 - 403

►   Sensing glucose concentrations at GHz frequencies with
      a fully embedded Biomicro-electromechanical system (BioMEMS)
      M. Birkholz, K.-E. Ehwald, T. Basmer, P. Kulse, C. Reich, 
      J. Drews, D. Genschow, U. Haak, S. Marschmeyer, E. Matthus
      K. Schulz, D. Wolansky, W. Winkler, T. Guschauski, R. Ehwald
      Journal of Applied Physics 113 (2013) 244904

►   Alignment of MG-63 Osteoblasts on
      Fibronectin-Coated Phosphorous Doping Lattices in Silicon
      A. Körtge, S. Stählke, R. Lange, M. Birkholz
      M. Fraschke, K. Schulz, B. Nebe, P. Elter
      World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology 73 (2013) 801 - 804

►   Energy budget of an implantable glucose measuring system
      T. Basmer, D. Genschow, M. Fröhlich, M. Birkholz
      Biomedical Technology 57 (2012) 259 - 262

►   Biostability of an implantable glucose sensor chip 
      M. Fröhlich, M. Birkholz, K.-E. Ehwald, P. Kulse, O. Fursenko, J. Katzer
      IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 41 (2012) 012022 

►   Ultrathin TiN membranes as a Technology Platform
      for CMOS-integrated MEMS and BioMEMS Devices 
      M. Birkholz, K.-E. Ehwald, P. Kulse, J. Drews, M. Fröhlich, 
      U. Haak, M. Kaynak, E. Matthus, K. Schulz, D. Wolansky
      Advanced Functional Materials 21 (2011) 1652 - 1656 

►   Corrosion-resistant metal layers 
      from a CMOS process for bioelectronic applications
      M. Birkholz, K.-E. Ehwald, D. Wolansky, I. Costina,    
      C. Baristiran-Kaynak, M. Fröhlich, H. Beyer, A. Kapp, F. Lisdat 
      Surface and Coatings Technology 204 (2010) 2055 – 2059

►   A thin film approach to protein crystallography 
      M. Birkholz
      Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics B 268 (2010) 414 – 419

►   Separation of extremely miniaturized medical sensors by IR laser dicing
      M. Birkholz, K.-E. Ehwald, M. Kaynak, 
      T. Semperowitsch, B. Holz, S. Nordhoff
      Journal of Optoelectronic and Advanced Materials 12 (2010) 479 – 483