Mario Birkholz


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An Approach to Ring Resonator Biosensing Assisted by Dielectrophoresis: Design, Simulation and Fabrication
A. Henriksson, L. Kasper, M. Jäger, P. Neubauer, M. Birkholz
Micromachines 11 (2020) 954

Separation, characterization and handling of microalgae by dielectrophoresis
V. Abt, F. Gringel, A. Han, P. Neubauer, M. Birkholz
Microorganisms 8 (2020) 540

Spiral microfluidic devices for cell separation and sorting in bioprocesses
N. Herrmann, P. Neubauer, M. Birkholz
Biomicrofluidics 13 (2019) 061501

Comparison of time-gated surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TG-SERS) and classical SERS based monitoring of Escherichia coli cultivation samples
M. Kögler, A. Paul, E. Anane, M. Birkholz, A. Bunker, T. Viitala, M. Maiwald, S. Junne, P. Neubauer
Biotechnology Progress 34 (2018) 1533

Prolonged Corrosion Stability of a Microchip Sensor Implant during In Vivo Exposure
P. Glogener, M. Krause, J. Katzer, M.A. Schubert, M. Birkholz, O. Bellmann, C. Kröger-Koch, H. M. Hammonn, C.C. Metges, C. Welsch, R. Ruff, K.P. Hoffmann
Biosensors 8 (2018) 13

Micro-electromechanical affinity sensor for the monitoring of glucose in bioprocess media
L. Theuer, M. Lehmann, S. Junne, P. Neubauer, M. Birkholz
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 18 (2017) 1235

Continuously operating biosensor and its integration into a hermetically sealed implant
M. Birkholz, P. Glogener, F. Glös, T. Basmer, L. Theuer
micromachines 7 (2016) 183

Technology modules from micro- and nanoelectronics for the life sciences
M. Birkholz, A. Mai, C. Wenger, C. Meliani, R. Scholz
WIREs Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology 8 (2016) 355

System integration of a silicone-encapsulated glucose sensor implantat
M. Birkholz, P. Glogener, T. Basmer, F. Glös, D. Genschow, C. Welsch, R. Ruff, K. P. Hoffmann
Biomedical Technology 59 (2014) S1089 – S1092

Modeling the Shape of Ions in Pyrite-Type Crystals
M. Birkholz
crystals 4 (2014) 390

Sensing glucose concentrations at GHz frequencies with a fully embedded Biomicro-electromechanical system (BioMEMS)
M. Birkholz, K.-E. Ehwald, T. Basmer, P. Kulse, C. Reich, J. Drews, D. Genschow, U. Haak, S. Marschmeyer, E. Matthus, K. Schulz, D. Wolansky, W. Winkler, T. Guschauski, R. Ehwald
Journal of Applied Physics 113 (2013) 244904

Biostability of an implantable glucose sensor chip
M. Fröhlich, M. Birkholz, K.-E. Ehwald, P. Kulse, O. Fursenko, J. Katzer
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 41 (2012) 012022