Mario Birkholz

My favorite things

Please find below a selection of my favorite papers. A full list of publications can be downloaded here.

Dielectrophoretic Separation of Blood Cells
M.E.P. Emmerich, A.-S. Sinnigen, P. Neubauer, M. Birkholz
Biomedical Microdevices 24 (2022) 30

Separation, Characterization, and Handling of Microalgae by Dielectrophoresis
V. Abt, F. Gringel, A. Han, P. Neubauer, M. Birkholz
Microorganisms 8 (2020) 540

Comparison of time-gated surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TG-SERS) and classical SERS based monitoring of Escherichia coli cultivation samples
M. Kögler, A. Paul, E. Anane, M. Birkholz, A. Bunker, T. Viitala, M. Maiwald, S. Junne, P. Neubauer
Biotechnology Progress 34 (2018) 1533

Continuously operating biosensor and its integration into a hermetically sealed implant
M. Birkholz, P. Glogener, F. Glös, T. Basmer, L. Theuer
micromachines 7 (2016) 183

Modeling the Shape of Ions in Pyrite-Type Crystals
M. Birkholz
crystals 4 (2014) 390

Sensing glucose concentrations at GHz frequencies with a fully embedded Biomicro-electromechanical system (BioMEMS)
M. Birkholz, K.-E. Ehwald, T. Basmer, P. Kulse, C. Reich, J. Drews, D. Genschow, U. Haak, S. Marschmeyer, E. Matthus, K. Schulz, D. Wolansky, W. Winkler, T. Guschauski, R. Ehwald
Journal of Applied Physics 113 (2013) 244904

Ultrathin TiN membranes as a technology platform for CMOS-integrated MEMS and BioMEMS devices
M. Birkholz, K.-E. Ehwald, P. Kulse, J. Drews, M. Fröhlich, U. Haak, M. Kaynak, E. Matthus, K. Schulz, D. Wolansky
Advanced Functional Materials 21 (2011) 1652 – 1656

A Thin Film Approach to Protein Crystallography
M. Birkholz
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 268 (2010) 414 – 419

Corrosion-resistant metal electrodes from a CMOS process for bioelectronic applications
M. Birkholz, K.-E. Ehwald, D. Wolansky, I. Costina, C. Baristiran-Kaynak, M. Fröhlich, H. Beyer, A. Kapp, F. Lisdat
Surface and Coatings Technology 204 (2010) 2055 – 2059

Interatomic distances in pyrite-structure disulfides – a case for ellipsoidal modeling of sulfur ions
M. Birkholz & R. Rudert
physica status solidi (b) 245 (2008) 1858 – 1864

Profiling of Fiber Texture Gradients in Thin Films by Anomalous X-ray Diffraction
M. Birkholz, N. Darowski, I. Zizak
Zeitschrift für Kristallographie 27 (2008) 263 – 271

Modeling of Diffraction from Fiber Texture Gradients in Thin Polycrystalline Films
M. Birkholz
Journal of Applied Crystallography  40 (2007) 735 – 742

Thin Film Analysis by X-ray Scattering
M. Birkholz with contributions by C. Genzel and P.F. Fewster
Wiley-VCH, Weinberg (2005) 378 pages

Electrostatic Lattice Coefficients and Binding Energy of Orthorhombic La2-xSrxCuO4
M. Birkholz, R. Rudert
Zeitschrift für Physik B  98  (1995)  49 – 54

Crystal-Field Induced Dipoles in Heteropolar Crystals II: Physical Significance
M. Birkholz
Zeitschrift für Physik B  96  (1995)  333 – 340

Crystal-Field Induced Dipoles in Heteropolar Crystals I: Concept
M. Birkholz
Zeitschrift für Physik B  96  (1995)  325 – 332

Optical Absorption Coefficient of Pyrite (FeS2)
M. Birkholz
11th EC Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference, Montreux, October 1992
Proceedings edited by L. Guimarães et al., Harwood, Chur (1993) 344 – 347

The Crystal Energy of Pyrite
M. Birkholz
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter  4  (1992)  6227 – 6240

Sulfur Deficiency in Iron Pyrite (FeS2-x) and Its Consequences for Band Structure Models
M. Birkholz, S. Fiechter, A. Hartmann, H. Tributsch
Physical Review B  43  (1991)  11926 – 11936